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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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people without a home near san francisco's castro district. could it be connected to a f other suspicious arson investigators on the scene of a fire that left several people without a home near the castro district. could it be connected to a string of other suspicious fires. >> could a delayed response be the blame for the death of a bay area half marathon runner. how long it took for paramedics to arrive. >> after record setting temperatures this weekend, we will look for a cool down through the week. no accidents but ongoing construction in san francisco what to plan for coming up. good morning it is monday, the 7th of february, big green bay packers win last night. >> that's right. >> good for aaron rogers fans >> i am sydnie kohara whichever >> people staying up -- >> people staying up too late.
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arson investigators are on the scene of another fire near the castro district. sharon tells us flames broke out up the street from a series of suspicious fires last week good morning sharon. >> reporter: good morning fire investigators don't know if there is any relation between those fires and this one but fire officials confirming everyone is accounted for in this mornings two alarm fire. all six people got out. no injuries reported, firefighters say that flames erupted 3:00 a.m., at 390 corbett and then jumped next door 1370 clayton. one is a single family home the other a building with two flats. we talked with a neighbor, he and his 8 month pregnant wife escaped safely. >> it went up really fast. shot up so quickly, luckily a police patrol was driving by
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and saw the flames starting and came and banged on our door we got out and immediately you know, it just took off. >> reporter: as is standard for two alarm fires arson investigators are on the scene to determine cause. at this point firefighters don't know what caused this fire they don't know if it is suspicious or related to the string of fires in the castro last week as for those evacuated some people are staying at a home next door, getting a quiet and safe place to rest and red cross is on the scene trying to help out these victims fortunately every one got out safely. >> okay thank you. oakland police are investigating a possible abduction. witnesses told police they saw two men chase a woman and corner her in an apartment building on eileen street just before 8:00 p.m. last night. they say she was assaulted and thrown into a car later last night she turned up at a local
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hospital. no details on the suspects. police say the car is a four door 1999 black chrysler, license plate california 6 j f g 056. if you see it you are asked to call police. 5:03 a.m. a runner collapses and dies at the san francisco half marathon. witnesses are questioning response time of race officialwhether that man's death could have been prevented. good morning. >> reporter: good morning there are still many questions this morning about how the 35-year- old man died after running that half marathon and exactly how long it took medical personnel to reach him once he got to the finish line here at golden gate park he had just finished the kaiser permanent marathon when he blacked out the race announcer began calling for medical help over the loud
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speaker despite repeated calls ambulances did not show up for 20 minutes, and fell to runners to perform cpr by the time paramedics arrived, it was too late. one runner said they didn't even have a doctor on staff at the finish line. i have been doing this for 10 years and even small events they have an ambulance. kaiser sponsored the race they have not released a statement about this, whether there was a doctor or paramedic at the finish line. the 35-year-old who collapsed has not been identified. demonstrators in egypt not backing down from their demands that mubarak step down. thousands of protestors continue to occupy central square in cairo. tanks and soldiers are in position to keep protestors away from the anti government group. they are promising reform but say mubarak should stay in
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office until elections in september. >> the whole talk of the town was temperatures i guess record breaking. >> incredible. >> sunbathing. jim bernard. we get more of it later this week? it is amazing. >> you didn't have enough? >> it was all anyone could talk about all over facebook and twitter. >> pretty impressive here about 24 records set for various locations through the weekend here and no, there is not more of it on the way as we begin to cool down. 10 degrees cooler today than yesterday at this time and that trend is expected to continue through the week. we will look for highs today, in the upper 60s low 70s a good 10 degrees down from yesterday and we will hover here pretty much through the week. cooler weather pattern on tap i hope you enjoy that little brief warm up while it lasted looks like rain in sight. let's check with giana. >> thank you jim enjoy the freeways we are accident free right know, that is good news,
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-- right now, that is good news. traffic moving along nicely, headed south, 101, tiburon, 8 minutes from 37 to 580, on the 101 drive. ongoing road work in san francisco, central subway construction is under way. delays in and around the area, stockton, sutter and market. this is an ongoing problem, see pretty busy conditions muni effected through that area. speaking of muni everything is delayed free, system wide. bart we've got 35 trains running on time, cal trains is problem free. back up to you elizabeth and sydnie. >> thanks very much. 5:06 a.m. this morning green bay packers are taking home their 4th super bowl title. >> green bay packers have won the super bowl.
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lombardi trophy is coming home. >> going back to where he coached, for many years. packers beating the steelers, last night. aaron rogers throwing three touchdown passes he was the super bowl mvp the team's first title since 1997. and we will have more on super bowl up at 5:25 a.m. including the viewers picks for best commercials. that was just as much fun as the game >> i know that part of the game when everyone hugs and all the -- that is my favorite part. confetti. everything else goes on and on and on for awhile. >> 5:07 a.m. a recall effort grows against some bay area council members that claims a power abuse. aols big buy can a new partner make the former internet giant relevant again. >> taking some bounce out of bay area parks what is behind one city's plan to ban bouncy
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houses ,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] crest extra white plus scope outlast. vegas. you knew those weekend temperatures were too good to last. temperatures drop back to near normal daytime highs. thanks very much. 10 minutes after 5. aol set to buy huffingto post news website. it will be worth $317 million. arianna huffington will be in charge of editing content. some people in hercules are
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trying to oust two city council members they believe they have the necessary 2850 signatures to get a recall on the ballot. the petition claims two council members supported a sweet heart development deal made by the former city manager, that deal allegedly depleted the city's redevelopment funds. >> as these things start coming out the fact that the former city manager had contracts, multimillion dollar contracts with his daughters those made citizens mad. >> wasn't too hard to get signatures. >> that's correct. >> recall supporters say they hope to get their own members of council to get the finances back in order. >> walnut creek park and recreation commission decides whether to ban bounce houses from public parks. they have grown in popularity city staff say they damage lawns, take up staff time with
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permits and can make parks less enjoyable for others they have been banned in parks in danville, pleasonton and clayton. >> every mom i know, they get -- i guess you rent them for birthday parties and stuff. >> very very popular. all those kids in one spot. president obama fielding tough questions in his super bowl sunday one on one. >> does it disturb you so many people hate you? it is a serious question. >> his message to his toughest critics how he is feeling about his job has changed. >> looking live, accident free, construction in san francisco coming up [ male announcer ] beatrice earned her masters in education at a university with 20 years of experience combining classroom and online teaching.
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what a weekend across the bay area here as we saw record temperatures throughout the region. we didn't just break them we smashed them by 10 degrees. most records go back to 1987, or 63. one even went back, napa's to 1906 that we clipsed here this weekend. again, we are cooler this morning, i think we are out of
5:16 am
record territory here that trend is expected to continue through the week. we will stay sunny just not as warm as yesterday as the offshore winds are weakening a bit and that trend is expected to continue. we have a weak ripple of a disturbance, a remnant of one moving towards, interyou wanted the -- interrupted the offshore breeze. warming will not compare to what we saw this weekend. sunny, just not as warm as we continue mild through the week gradually cooling into the weekend and then this high pressure system has been permanent for the last month and half. we will push off to the east earn half of the country bringing them much needed relief in the winter pattern they have been looking at and returning us to a wetter pattern here across the region. today, look for highs upper 60s low 70s on the peninsula, looks
5:17 am
like cooling down to near normal, upper 50s. low 60s. again low 70s eastern reaches of the east bay here, as north bay as well drops out of the 80s and into the low 70s for highs and you will see that trend continuing through the week as we gradually cool down to near normal still a bit above normal but cooler than the weekend, and come the weekend, we will see things beginning to change as a threat of rain creeps back into the forecast. right now a traffic update with giana. >> good morning thank you jim. head to 101 san jose just headed out the door, not bad at all a live look, where traffic is northbound, extra volume, the direction head lights are going overall very light accident free in the south bay. over to our maps, south bay, looking good as you work
5:18 am
through milpitas, live look 880, 237 no delays through that portion. if you are headed to oakland reports of a surface street problem international avenue, 57th we have an accident there, possibly blocking lanes plan for delays in and around the area, mainlines itself, 880, not a problem traffic looking good this morning a live look as you work your way northbound near the coliseum no delays to report southbound you are clear all that construction in hayward has been wrapped up, 16 minutes headed northbound 880, 238 to the maze. bay bridge, problem free as well no delays, metering lights are off, a nice ride across the upper deck san francisco. coming out, no delays lower deck everything is free flowing through that area, that is a look at your morning commute. >> thanks very much. 5:18 a.m. our top stories this monday. six people escaped a burning home in san francisco early this morning that fire was on
5:19 am
clayton street close to a series of suspicious fires that broke out in the castro last week. arson investigators are trying to find out what started the fire. a runner in the half marathon died yesterday as he approached the finish line. the 35-year-old man collapsed near the western edge of golden gate park. race officials called paramedics but witnesses describe it as a slow and confused response medics were not able to revive the man. today thousands of protestors in egypt are defie i can'tly maintaining their -- defiantly maintaining their stance. opposition insists mubarak must step down immediately. others say he should stay in august until september's elections. high pressure test on a risky section of natural gas pipeline in east bay pg&e conducted the test on the pipes
5:20 am
fremont to liver more 2009 shortly before it reported that line had the highest risk of failing in the bay area. chronicle reports pg&e went through with the test even though it knew some sections were 80 years old and made by a company with a history of problems. >> president obama says he is not troubled by people who say they hate him they are reacting to distorted images. >> folks who hate you don't know you. >> that's true. >> what they hate is whatever fun house mirror image of you that is out there. and they don't know you. so you don't take it personally. >> you don't ever? >> no. >> mr. obama also said the longer he is in the white house the more he enjoys the job of being president he made those comments in a live, 15 minute interview on fox before the super bowl. >> packers may have won the super bowl trophy but the
5:21 am
commercials always steal the show. >> all right go ahead. >> who came out top dog in the dog eat dog race for best super bowl ad? ,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning live 101 san jose. we are accident free throughout the bay area, you might see delays later on in san francisco. details coming up. an ecstatic celebration packed with packers fans, dancing screaming, horn blowing spilled into the streets across green bay wisconsin. packers beat the steelers, 31- 25, super bowl 45 in arlington texas think they are excited. >> dogs acting like humans were the big winners of this year's favorite super bowl commercials. >> dog sitting. >> no worries they are really smart and there is a on the of bud light in the fridge. >> here we go. [ doorbell ] >> hey, guys. >> this bud light add tied for first place usa today's annual
5:25 am
ad meter a dog sitter gets the canines to cater his party. another was a dory toe's ad -- doritos ad where a pug chases down a bag of chips. another was volkswagen featuring a minidarth vader. the doritos ad brings grandma back from the dead and a woman who uses pepsi soda to keep her boyfriend in mind. >> there was one i liked i think they called it extreme make over the guy says look i made over your kitchen he didn't do anything except there is a pitcher of beer. >> i missed that one. >> and he is going hey, this is great. >> i like the hot teacher ad did you see that. >> yeah, and i really -- there was an m and m for chrysler, --
5:26 am
eminem for chrysler. >> i missed that one too. >> what was your favorite super bowl commercial, we only had erica. >> okay thank you erica. everyone else is sleeping in after last night's super bowl she said doritos where it brought the fish, plant and grandpa back to life. >> the one with the pug, the doritos commercial with the pug made for $500. >> oh,. >> big multi million dollar ad agencies are very jealous and rethinking how much they pay everyone there. >> cute pug that is all you need. my new coanchor frank mail coat is expected to -- mail join me on the anchor desk this week. >> the great plains of kansas, as the sun is setting,
5:27 am
listening to classical music. putting me to sleep. scoop is already asleep how you doing honey? >> okay. >> all right. we are only 500 miles due east of denver and then another 1500 after that. >> a long way the go. see you soon. >> are we there yet? even the cat is not youing any more. >> last, franening was rolling down -- frank was rolling down the hill from reno. he will be joining us this week. >> they are determined to get here his wife is a little ready to get home. >> yeah, if i was stuck in the car with my husband for a trip like that >> across the country from boston. >> new hope for east bay parents and students fighting to keep schools from closing. >> last ditch effort that could take them off the chopping block. >> two alarm fire, just blocks from a string of fires in the
5:28 am
castro district last week. any connection? coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this looks just like the tree house (announcer) it's more than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone how much you care. you made that for me? well you're making this for me. (announcer) choosey moms, and dads, choose jif. and i' good morning it is monday, february 7th i am elizabeth wenger. >> good morning thanks for joining us your time is 5:30. right now arson investigators trying to find out what started a house fire in san francisco, several people have been
5:31 am
evacuated this morning. >> let's go to sharon chen she is in the twin peaks neighbourhood. this is not far from a series of suspicious blazes in the castro last week. >> reporter: that's right sydnie, several blocks, maybe five or so, but the chief -- fire chief saying so far they are looking into whether or not they could be related just don't know at this point. as for the fire this morning, six people were able to get out safely, no reports of injuries, flames broke out 3:00 a.m. at 390 core bet and have you ever beened next door to 1370 clayton. we talked with one of the neighbors he and his 8 month pregnant wife got out okay because police on patrol who saw the fire and pounded on their door. >> flames were shooting so
5:32 am
high, they took out the whole top floor. our neighbors next door their whole house. >> reporter: it is standard for two alarm fires, arson investigators are on the scene to determine cause. gain the fire chief also on the scene filling in for a deputy chief she said they don't know at this point what caused the fire, if it is suspicious they are investigating the possibility it could be related to a string of fires in the castro last week but don't know right now for those evacuated most are staying right now at the van gould home. it didn't suffer as much damage as the home next door but they are able to stay there for warmth. thank you. a runner died at the san francisco half marathon this weekend. he collapsed as he approached
5:33 am
the finish line. the response time of race officials is being questioned. hi kristen. >> reporter: hi there. witnesses are saying it took ambulances too long to reach the finish line at golden gate park where that runner collapsed the 35-year-old man just finished running the kaiser permanente half marathon yesterday morning when he collapsed at the finish line. the announcer called for paramedics over and over but ambulances did not show up for at least 20 minutes. and other runners wound up giving the man cpr it was not enough he was soon pronounced dead witnesses told the chronicle they saw no doctor on staff one runner said i have been doing this for 10 years even at the smallst events there is an ambulance at the finish line i don't know where they were. kaiser which sponsored the event, has not reel leased a statement -- released a
5:34 am
statement addressing this issue or whether or not there was a doctor at the finish line or paramedics on staff. the runner has not been identified. >> kristin thank you. >> positive news for parents and students in contra costa county. they may postpone tomorrow's vote closing three schools to consider new options according to the contra costa times, parents received a memo friday saying the board may look at new ideas they are looking to save $1.5 million a year. they have to hand over management of the jack london aquatic center to the city because the city slashed the subsidy by 70%. they are working with the nonprofit to find a way to keep it open. if that doesn't happen it could close end of the month.
5:35 am
time now 5:34 a.m. jim, it was perfect this weekend we fast forwarded from spring to the summer. >> that may have been summer. so i hope you enjoyed it. we will be cooling down by next week. yesterday here is a look at a few records, 83 santa rosa. 81 oakland, 77 san jose, san francisco, today will be cooling down significantly here, 10 to 13 degrees for most locations, as we look back to the upper 60s. low 70s. continued cooling through the week as i mentioned a chance of rain showing up by the weekened right now a traffic update with giana. >> so far so good, on the roadways, still accident free, bay area freeways, a couple things you might want to plan for a tv shoot taking place, filming on philbert shut down from hyde to leaven worth.
5:36 am
detours as well working your way through union square any time today expect construction near stockton between shutter and market this is an ongoing project. other than that, 101 looking good, traffic not too bad, just extra volume overall speeds around 45 miles an hour overall a live look traffic moving well through the portion no accidents along 101 headed to san mateo bridge traffic moving quite well. back to you. thank you. oakland police are investigating a possible abduction, witnesses told police they saw two men chase a woman and corner her in an apartment building, 1,000 block eileen street they say she was assaulted and thrown into a car, the woman has since turned up at a local hospital, no details on what happened. police say the car is a four door, 1999 black chrysler license plate california 6 j f
5:37 am
g 056 if you see it you are asked to call police. a case involving controversial clothing at a south bay high school goes to court today some parents are suing the morgan hills school district and live oak high school their children wore clothing promoting america to school on sin codemay owe last year school official -- kin codemay owe last year school officials told them to remove it or go home. two americans accused of espionage appeared in court their lawyer was barred from seeing his clients before the trial. both men appeared healthy and gave their details of events. >> as a tourist with my fiance
5:38 am
sarah, josh and our friend sean. the third defendant was released in september, on $500,000 bail she did not return to iran for the trial, and will likely forfeit the bail. this morning, thousands of protestors in cairo central square remained defiant in their demand, mubarak step down. the government promised reforms but says the long time leader should stay in office. some protestors are chanting down with america they are disappointed after president barack obama's tough comments last week the administration signed on to the idea of a gradual transition. google executive who has been held in anti government protests is expected to be free today. he is a marketing manager at google he was reported missing about a week and a half ago after taking part in protests
5:39 am
in cairo, an egyptian business man negotiating for his relieve lease says he expects him freed this afternoon in egypt. wikileaks founder julian assange in a london court to fight extradition to sweden on sex crimes allegations he is accused of sexual misconduct by two women he met during a visit to stockholm. defense lawyers say he should not be extradited he has not been charged with a crime because of flaws in the case. >> firefighters hope to contain two wild fires burning in australia that destroyed more than 40 homes no deaths reported hundreds spent the night in shelters. the fires are the latest in a series of natural disasters to hit australia. last month's floods last week's cyclone, killed 35 people. president obama will try to make peace today, with big business. he is giving a speech at u.s.
5:40 am
chamber of commerce. the president fought with the chamber over issues such as health care and financial overhaul he since made a point of reaching out to business including tax breaks. 5:40 a.m. hollywood hits the bay area today as giana mentioned before, that television show being filmed in a popular neighbourhood. >> verizon putting customers on hold for now when it will start taking preorders again for iphone. ♪ [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same... ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it
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we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections you want to snuggle? a new study found that four does the winter weather give you the blues or make you want to snuggle. four in ten people say the weather effects their mood and winter is the season most
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likely to leave people feeling down. most people would choose snuggling over a snuggi when they get cold. no worries about that around here this past weekend it was warm and a little too warm for some people not used to it. >> almost hot across the area. no snuggies needed i have seen some studies that try to equate the region's mood to the type of weather you have. i would say sunny outlook across the bay yesterday, more sunshine expected today cooler temperatures as sydnie mentioned almost hot yesterday, upper 70s. low 80s. down 10 degrees today as a result of this weak disturbance interrupted the offshore breeze which will weaken today and return a bit tomorrow but not as strong as this weekend look for temperatures to hover upper 60s low 70s through the week we continue lots of sunshine, mild
5:44 am
weather conditions above normal conditions, until the end of the week, the cool down will take us back to near normal, the threat of rain creeps over the horizon, it will return by early next week. for today upper 60s. low 70s most locations, in and around the south bay cooler as you would expect on the peninsula. mid-to low 60s. upper 50s at the beach east bay low 70s for the warmer locations otherwise upper 60s most areas near the water and across the north bay again, out of the 80s into the low 70s for warmer locations, mid-60s back at the bay as we see the seven- day forecast here continues gradual cool down through the week, keeping skies mostly clear until the weekend when we see a few clouds increase across the area, a threat of rain returning, by early next week. right now here is giana with a traffic update. >> thank you. 580, we are starting to see a
5:45 am
brake lights, westbound 580, grant line to greenville. chp ran a traffic break, reports in the roadway, added to an already busy ride, conditions grant line the greenville same for highway 4 we are seeing brake lights, pretty typical this time of the morning, westbound as you head through antioch overnight construction, antioch bridge. as you come off the span traffic looking extra nice. all that construction cleared no major delays to report through the area. headed any where near the bay bridge not bad, east shore freeway approach to 18, 19 minutes from the carcenas to the bay bridge. traffic looking good metering lights off, if you are coming off the maze approach no delays traffic moving well through that portion, golden gate bridge not bad at all clear out
5:46 am
of marin county, easy 8 minute ride southbound side of 101, san mateo bridge problem free, 13 minutes, 880 to 101, mass transit not a bad choice, bart, 33 trains running on time ace train 3 left stockton at 5:35 a.m. everything cruising along for mass transit. back up to you liz. >> easy commute so far. here is a check of today's top stories no injuries in a fire that forced six people out of a home in san francisco this morning. this mornings fire was a few blocks away from a number of suspicious fires in the castro district last week. a runner in san francisco half marathon died yesterday as he approached the finish line the 35-year-old man collapsed near the western edge of golden gate park. race officials called the paramedics but witnesses describe it as a slow and confused response.
5:47 am
medics were not able to revive the man. inflatable bounce houses could be banned from parks in walnut creek the park and recreation commission will make that decision tonight. city staff complain bounce houses while very popular with kids, damage the grass, and require a time consuming permit process. 5:47 a.m. today people in san francisco's russian hill neighbourhood can expect closed streets and sound of gunshots because a new television series called alcatraz is being filmed in the area. the company warned neighbors last week about street closures and noise. fill bert between hyde and levan worth will be closed. aol set to buy the huffington post, that deal worth $315 million the cofounder ariana huffington will be in charge of all aol
5:48 am
content her website attracts, 25 million visitors each day it is part of a series of moves to revitalize aols online presence. obama administration's plan expected to cut fannie mae and freddie mac's share of 95% in the mortgage to below 50% and reduce the size of mortgages eligible for government backing it could make getting a home loan in high priced areas more expensive. >> bank of america created a new you nit to deal with mortgage problems the new unit will handle over site of foreclosure efforts b of a inherited bad loans when it bought country wide in 2008. >> we seem to say this a lot. you will notice higher gas prices when you fill up this week lind burg survey said the average price for a gap loan of
5:49 am
regular unleaded rose 1 -- gallon of regular unleaded roast to $3.12 on average. san francisco drivers pay the most, $3.35 a gallon but earlier forecasts, 3.50 to $4 a gallon by summer are unrealistic supplies should keep prices down. >> verizon stopped taking preorders for iphone until wednesday. that is because the wireless company sold so and of them last thursday, -- so many of them last thursday, a whole days worth in two hours for current customers everybody else has to wait until thursday to get a verizon iphone supplies are likely to be tight. super bowl 45 filled with a lot of drama in and out of cowboy stadium how nfl is reimbursing fans who paid for tickets but turned away for the big game ♪ was so proudly we
5:50 am
walked as the twilight less gleaming. >> even more drama after christina aguillera botches the national anthem the statement she released after the performance. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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and then the boy bit the dragon! [ female announcer ] ...and for being with your favorite storyteller... [ grandpa ] i love you when you are quiet. [ female announcer ] ...even after he goes home to nevada. [ grandpa ] and i love you when you are loud! [ female announcer ] hallmark recordable storybooks. ♪ make your voice their valentine. super bowl title. "the green bay packers have won the super bowl. the lombardi if you are a green bay packers fan, you are waking up
5:53 am
happy. taking home their fourth super bowl title. >> green bay packers have won the super bowl. lombardi trophy is coming home. >> packers won 31-25 against the steelers last night. quarterback aaron rogers threw for three touchdown passes named mvp it is their first title since 1997. and some fans who paid for tickets didn't get the see the game yesterday. as you can see here more than a thousand of them were kept behind a gate at the new billion dollar cowboy stadium. that is because at the last minute the fire marshall deemed seats in their section unsafe. >> we drove up from green bay wisconsin through bad bad weather to get here and can't get in. they are holding them like animals outside that gate. >> 800 fans were eventually allowed to watch from the
5:54 am
hospitality area or other seats in the nose bleed section. nfl turned away 400 others and gave them a letter promising a refunder of three times the face value of their tickets that is not bad >> but still tough after wanting to see them in action. >> standing behind a locked gate. >> christina aguillera is defending herself for botching the national anthem. take a listen ♪ the pale side while so proudly we watched as the twilight left gleaming. >> did you catch it she messed up the fourth line and left out over the ramparts we watched and replaced it with an earlier line of the anthem. she says she just got lost in the moment while singing the national anthem and released this statement i can only hope
5:55 am
that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through. >> she can sing though can't she? >> she can. >> she stood out to me and i have to say i know all the words to the national anthem but if i had to sing it in front of millions of people. >> the pressure. >> she tried. 5:55 a.m. sunshine sticking around for awhile all good things must come to an end. jim? >> indeed they must s i am kind of lost in the moment myself after yesterday's record, upper 70s low 80s cooling down this afternoon, still sunny, 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday and that trend will continue through the week as we stay high and dry into the weekend here but by the weekend into early next week we are looking at a major pattern change as rain returns to the picture. giana returns with a traffic update. >> our first accident of the
5:56 am
morning, southbound, a wreck involving a vehicle, off the side of the roadway down an embankment traffic not bad as you approach the scene, chp arriving south of there, 24, 680 traffic looking good through that portion. working your way through oakland, surface street problem, international avenue, possible lanes blocked slight delays as you approach the area, things looking good through the oakland area. checking in problem free. not a lot of cars on the roadway yet. northbound clear across the coliseum. elsewhere, south bay commute not a bad choice clear 101 and 280 a live look 880, 287 milpitas, back up to you. >> thank you. it is now 5:56 a.m. in the next half hour protests in egypt continuing today latest developments for a google exec stuck there.
5:57 am
>> pg&e under pressure the risky test it performed on an 80-year-old pipeline. >> reporter: two alarm fire in san francisco not far from the suspicious fires in the castro district last week what the fire chief has to say coming up. a tragic end to a half marathon why witnesses are blaming the races organizer ,, hey, you made your own lunch. yep! look in your bag, made you something. (announcer) it's more than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone how much you care. choosey moms, choose jif.
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♪ oh, lord, won't you buy me a mercedes-benz? ♪ ♪ [ whistling ] ♪ [ engine turns over ] that's my car! ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing the new line of mercedes-benz. welcome to the family.
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through a house in san francisco... why its location has investigators wondering if an early morning fire ripped through a house in san francisco whys location has investigators wondering if it is connected to a string of other fires. >> a runner collapses and dies during a half marathon in san francisco. how long witnesses say it took paramedics to arrive. after the weekend's record setting pace we are cooling off, 1 1


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